Science Fiction

Welcome to the “Spaceship in a Box” Serial Series!

ssiab-banner-2Let me be the first to welcome you to my first online science fiction serial series! “Spaceship in a Box” is the ongoing story about three kids, Z, Miranda and Cole, who find themselves the Captain and caretakers of the boxship Timmons. As their adventures continue they quickly learn that the ship is far more important than they’d ever realized. Before long they are chased by aliens of all sorts who want the ship for themselves. On board they find themselves lost in the mysteries of the ship, its crew, its history and the numerous reasons why so many want it for themselves. They will travel the galaxy searching for answers, exploring new worlds and hoping to find a way out of the mess they’re in.

I will publish a new Chapter of the series each Sunday evening.  I hope you’ll register your e-mail address to get updates for future chapters and news about the series.  I invite you to add your comments and thoughts for each chapter to let me know what you like and help me to improve the series.  I’m happy to provide this series to you free of charge because, after all, where is the joy in online reading if you have to pay for it?

Enjoy and keep coming back for more!