Finally! A real grammar teacher.

I’m not ashamed to admit that:

  1. I didn’t know most of the rules in this video that well.  Now I will.
  2. I am, and always have been, a huge Weird Al fan. (see, I think I messed up the commas there …) (and misused an ellipse)
  3. I’m going to be watching this video a lot to improve my own writing.
  4. I think high school English teachers should use the video as a final exam and have their students explain sections of the song to show they understand the material.
  5. It will never happen for me, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have “Cunning Linguist” on your business card.

Thank you #Yankovic.  This was pure awesome.

NASA dreams of a future starship Enterprise

nasa-warp-drive-1I love that NASA is thinking ahead and not letting Einstein and his pesky laws of physics hold them back too much. I LOVE starship design. So many facets to take into account. So many technologies and philosophies to incorporate! I love NASA’s designs here. Mostly I love that they’re still looking ahead, still dreaming of what won’t be a reality within our lifetime. Because you have to start thinking of these things sometime, and I’m glad we’re doing it now.