Silent the Night – Finale

While this wasn’t the first time I’ve stood in front of an angry dame holding a gun at me, it occurred to me that it’d never happened on Christmas Eve before.  I checked it off the bucket list in my brain.  One less goal to worry about, assuming I survived the night.  Mother stood solid,

Silent the Night – Part One

The wintry air of the city reeked of coffee and cigarettes.  Just the way I liked it.  The steam from a fresh cup o’ joe filled my nostrils and reminded me, if ever so briefly, that I was still kicking.  Some prissy crooner was mumbling through a Christmas song on the radio.  Other than that,

The Revenge of Fluffy

With a small pop, Fluffy appeared in a green field that was flooded with various animals and objects as far as he could see.  Directly in front of him, a large gathering of playing cards, bouncing balls, coins, eggs and birds parted as another rabbit approached, an evil smirk forming across his fuzzy, pink face.  “Did